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Coal Faces - Life After Coal in the Afan Valley, South Wales


'Coal Faces', large format, documentary photographs showing life and landscape in the ex-coal communities of

Cymer, Croeserw, Glyncorrwg, Abergwynfi and Blaengwynfi.

These small, scattered and tightly knit settlements grew in response to the exploitation of high quality steam coal found in the valley. Now and since the destruction of the industry thirty years ago these villages are still dealing with severe problems of adjustment.

Jobs lost in pit closures have not been replaced. There is still high unemployment and many families are

experiencing a third generation dependent on social security benefits.

CD Rom with 52 images & video short (6 minutes) available for £10 via the contacts page.

An Exhibition of this work is available for hire.

Coal Faces

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Bus Stop, Cymer
Norma’s Fryary, Croeserw
Croeserw Amateur Boxing Club
Whinberry Pickers Betting Shop, Croeserw
Glyncorrwg, Landscape -  North and South Pits South Pit, Glyncorrwg
Cucumbers, 10 Bridge Street, Glyncorrwg Bathtub, Sunnyside Terrace

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Co-op, Croeserw
Off-License, Croeserw (with Pregnant Woman)
Champion Racing Pigeon, Croeserw