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Going East


These images were made on a journey through Poland, along the Baltic Coast in the North through Masuria

to the primeval forests on the Belarus border in the East.

Poland is a country of extremes. It possesses on the one hand, very packed and polluted cities and on the other, the last pristine primeval forests of continental Europe. As a new member of the EU it will inevitably undergo rapid change. In the frantic drive for economic progress it is in danger of becoming merely a transit state linking the Baltic and Russian countries in the East with Western Europe. Coexisting between the two lie pure wilderness, precious forests and rare wildlife (wolf and lynx already verging on extinction) now, even more at risk.


Karsibór, Lancaster Bomber Memorial Morkrzyca Mala, Boy and vodka bottle Karsibór, Peasant Family Garden Karsibór, Fish Pond
Bialowieza National Park, Gruski, Bison Feeding Station Lebork, Public Fountain Leba. Concrete bunker/ Sentry Box Lebork Town Centre, Department Store and Flats
Morkrzyca Mala, Village Cross Poznan, a 'Take Your Rubbish Home With You' Tree
Eastern Front, Göring’s Bunker
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